"Goobers" Game
Multiplatform Game, 2000 - Present

Goobers is a board game-style multiplayer, turn-based game that I first wrote years ago and continue to update. The latest mobile and PC versions are slated to be released in 2015. You can download the old (no longer supported) Windows version here and the J2ME (flip-phone) version here. Warning: this was compiled for Windows XP, and I make no promises on modern machines!

Name Parsing (Japanese & Roman Character) Applet
Web Applet, 2007

Designed, developed, & tested name parsing applet in the Java language, including code to interpret names in Romaji & Japanese.

“Allegro” Game Library 
Darwin Port, 2002

I wrote scripts and code to port the Allegro Game Library to Darwin Operating System using X11.

Immortal Quest MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)
Online Game, 1996 - 1998

I designed, programmed for, and guided play in a multi-user, online role-playing game involving the development of story, AI characters, & game mechanics to enhance user experience. (ImmortalQuest is no longer operational; it closed its virtual doors in the year 2000.)