Courses Taught

Data Structures and Algorithms (Instructor) - UF, 2016-Present
Programming Fundamentals 2 (Instructor) - UF, 2016-Present
Artificial Intelligence for Games (Professor) - Full Sail, 2007-2013
Game Networking (Professor) - Full Sail, 2008-2013
Software Engineering (Graduate Assistant) - UF, 2006
Discrete Structures (Graduate Assistant) - UF, 2005
Introduction to Computer Science (Teaching Assistant) - UCLA, 2003

Instructional Design Projects

Full Sail Game Engine
Full Sail University, 2009 - 2012

I guided and participated in the design and development of a multi-course game engine project composed of various engine modules to be integrated into coursework (including rendering, input, events, messaging, AI, and networking). This project continues to be used in assignments across several courses.

Sony Phyre Engine (PS3) Tutorials 
Sony Entertainment, 2009-2012

I lead a team developing video tutorials and accompanying software for educational institutions to be used in coursework integrating the Sony Phyre Engine tools and cross-platform SDK on the PS3 and PC.

Mobile Development Program Curriculum Development 
Full Sail University, 2010

Instructors, administrators, and I developed curriculum and layout for the Mobile Development degree (online BS). We continue to provide feedback to update the curriculum on an as-needed basis to meet student needs.

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